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Some ‘not to miss’ local attractions…


Y S Falls

YS Falls is a premier attraction, a seven-tiered waterfall with natural pools where you can take a dip. This destination is surrounded by green fields, beautiful gardens with tree lined scenery, and views out to the mountains in the distance. Visit the small restaurant or picnic on the relaxing lawns. If you are feeling adventurous why not strap yourself into the zip line 40ft above the waterfall and take a journey through the air!

YS falls near Mikarabee holiday home  in Jamaica

Appleton Rum Estate

According to records, this rum producing sugar plantation originated in 1749. Set in the Nassau Valley, a mystical location formed from limestone hills, caves and underground water sources. It is this clear limestone filtered rain which gives the sugar cane grown here its unique and distinct flavour. Tour the factory and sample the delicious rums.

Appleton to USE.JPG

Black River Safari

Take a trip up Black River, the longest navigable river in Jamaica. This tranquil jungle river trip, an eco-tourism attraction which began in 1987, lets you see first hand the Black River Morass and various forms of marine wildlife. Perhaps stop off along the way for refreshments, and don't forget to visit the Crocodile Nursery program which aids the rescue and rehabilitation of crocs of all ages.

Black river to USE.jpg

A quick ‘google’ of the following will give you some more information about other fantastic local attractions (they don’t have their own websites).

Treasure Beach

Treasure beach consists of four bays and is a very laid-back area of Jamaica which has resisted the development of mass tourism. The bays are enveloped by the Santa Cruz mountain range which protect the beaches, leaving this area with a much drier climate than other parts of Jamaica. Why not simply relax in a hammock or on one of the authentic beaches, or sample real Jamaican lifestyle and food served in one of the handful of restaurants scattered throughout this location.

Treasure Beach near Mikarabee Villa holiday destination
Lovers Leap near Mikarabee holiday home  in Jamaica

Lovers Leap

Legend has it that two slave lovers jumped from here, a 1,700 foot drop, to prevent being separated by a jealous plantation owner. However, the moon caught them in a golden net. Enjoy the spectacular views and visit the lighthouse which is the highest lighthouse in the Western Hemisphere.

Bamboo Avenue near Mikarabee holiday home  in Jamaica

Bamboo Avenue

Located between Middle Quarters and Lacovia, the avenue of bamboo is approximately two and a half miles long. Planted with Bambusa Vulgaris, one of the largest specie of bamboo found in Jamaica, it was initially  established in the 17th century to provide shade for travellers on the south coast road, and to protect the road from erosion.

Visit Floyds Pelican bar near Mikarabee holiday home  in Jamaica

Floyds Pelican Bar

Floyd’s Pelican Bar is constructed of driftwood, and only accessible by boat as it stands on a sandbar approximately 3/4 mile out to sea. Relax, enjoy a drink or a fresh fish meal while taking in the most stunning views from this most unusual setting.

Little Ochi to USE.jpg

Little Ochi

Located at Alligator Pond, Little Ochi consists of old boats that have been given thatched roofs and fitted out with tables and benches. This rustic seafood restaurant is situated on the beach. Choose from the fresh fish, shrimp, lobster or crab and ask for it to be cooked exactly the way you would like it.

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