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Mikarabee holiday home  in Jamaica


Nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Malvern, St Elizabeth, Jamaica

Sunset from Mikarabee holiday home  in Jamaica
View out to sea from Mikarabee holiday home  in Jamaica
Kitchen area in Mikarabee holiday home  in Jamaica
View from Mikarabee holiday home  in Jamaica

MIKARABEE was built in the year 2000 as a family home by my parents (Kay & Bertie Edwards) who lived here with their 2 young children, me (Mitch) & my sister (Rayner). Although all born in the UK, my dad is of Jamaican heritage with both parents being Jamaican.

After entertaining friends and relatives, who mainly travelled from the UK, USA, Canada & Europe, they soon realised that this property, nestled on this beautiful mountain top, was nothing short of a spectacular ‘retreat in paradise’ which should be shared with those seeking a Real Jamaican Experience. The holiday experience was born and for nearly 4 years MIKARABEE was host to many people who arrived as guests and left as friends..

Holiday destination for the Edwards family in Jamaica

This is us when we first lived in Jamaica

MIKARABEE  is about the Edwards family…. MI for Mitch (me!), KA for Kay (my mum), RA for Rayner (my sister), BE for Bertie (my dad) and E for Edwards.

I first lived at MIKARABEE at the age of 6, returning on a number of occasions, and when I visited Jamaica with my wife (Brittany), we vowed that we would one day re-live the dream… we have now returned with our 2 young children (Swayze & Jimmie) giving new life to MIKARABEE and once again offering you the opportunity to stay with us in our home, and live day-by-day the Jamaican way.

Staying with us at MIKARABEE allows you to have a real Jamaican experience, doing what comes naturally with a family living in Jamaica, whilst enjoying being personally hosted around this beautiful island.


Whether you want to be left alone to relax and soak up the beauty of the mountains, mix-it-up with us doing school-runs, shopping trips and simple day-to-day living, travel & explore the island… or… a combination… you get to enjoy Jamaica your way while staying with us in our family home.


Me and my family now

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